All ten PhD projects offered by SecInt are planned for 4 years, at the end of which the students write their dissertation and obtain a PhD degree. During the 4 years students will participate in events organized by the SecInt doctoral college and take steps to ensure a good progress in their PhD. A tentative timeline is shown below (for students that are joining the program later, the timeline is shifted accordingly):


SecInt Events

During the runtime of the SecInt doctoral college, we will regularly organize Colloquia and Workshops with international participation, during which students will present their research, get feedback from other students and professors and seek for new research collaborations.

Student Progress

Students will submit yearly reports, which will be evaluated by two faculty members (different from the supervisor and co-supervisor), based on which written feedback will be provided to the students.

Within the first 18 months, students will pass the proficiency evaluation following the procecure for the doctoral program in computer science.

In the last semester, students will submit and defend their PhD thesis.


As part of their PhD studies, students at TU Wien are required to take 18 ECTS worth of courses, that are distributed as follows

  • a 3 ECTS seminar on Ethics of Security, Privacy and Machine Learning
  • 9 ECTS area courses on topics relevant to SecInt and complementing students’ background
  • 6 ECTS fundamental courses from the areas philosophy of science and methodologies, career planning and research methods

Research Internships

Students of the SecInt doctoral college will spend at least 3 months in national or international internships, for example with one of our partners.


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